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  • Denis Pepin

Harmful Lies: The Political Weapon of Mass Destruction

Updated: May 12

A large green snake with its mouth open over a crowd of people holding American flags.
In this illustration, the artist depicts the destructive power of political lies, which can manipulate and deceive the masses. A monstrous snake, representing the falsehoods spread by Donald Trump, looms over a crowd of people, who are oblivious to the danger. The American flags symbolize the nation that is threatened by the snake’s venom. The papers on the ground suggest the role of the media in spreading or exposing the lies. The image conveys a sense of urgency and warning, as the snake prepares to strike.

U.S. citizens, we live in an era of both marvel and menace. We have seen the amazing feats of science, the innovation of technology, the beauty of culture, and the variety of life. But we also confront some troubling challenges. We cannot turn a blind eye to the looming threat of climate change, the persistent issue of wealth inequality, the dark impact of extremism, and the horrors of war in Ukraine, Palestine, and elsewhere.

And, we have to acknowledge another reality: Donald Trump, who is revered by millions, is nothing more than a crafty cult leader, a skillful scammer, and a damaging force exploiting the vulnerabilities of citizens while he has no intention of helping the nation to advance climate ethics, address wealth inequality, calm extremism, and assist in finding peaceful solutions.

Instead of mitigating those problems and challenges, he will only worsen them and will trigger more wars intentionally or accidentally due to his lack of diplomacy.

No one is perfect, and everyone lies sometimes.

Lies can be innocent or harmful, depending on their purpose and impact. Innocent lies, or white lies, aim to protect or please others. For instance, complimenting a friend’s haircut that you don’t like is an innocent lie. These lies are often polite, kind, or empathetic, and they usually don’t hurt anyone. Some people find them acceptable or even necessary in certain situations, such as avoiding awkwardness, sparing someone’s feelings, or creating a magical world for children.

Harmful lies, or black lies, benefit or deceive oneself. For example, cheating on a test, stealing someone’s work, or spreading false rumors are harmful lies. These lies are often selfish, greedy, or malicious, and they can cause a lot of harm to oneself or others. Most people think that harmful lies are wrong and immoral in any situation, as they break trust, honesty, and justice. They can ruin relationships, reputations, and self-esteem, and even result in legal or ethical problems.

When it comes to politics, Joe Biden’s presidency has faced accusations of innocent lies or misleading statements on some occasions. These are situations where he may embellish some facts or make hopeful forecasts about policy results. These innocent lies may be intended to boost public morale or create a positive atmosphere, but they are often perceived as political spin rather than intentional harm.

For example, Biden promised to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill in his first 100 days as president when he was campaigning. He did propose an immigration bill to Congress on his first day, but it was not approved because some legislators strongly opposed it. Biden has also used his executive power to undo some of Trump’s immigration policies, such as lifting the travel ban and reinstating DACA. However, he has also encountered legal and political difficulties on immigration matters, such as the influx of migrants at the border and the situation of asylum seekers. Some supporters and critics have doubted Biden’s dedication or sincerity about his immigration plan, while others have encouraged him to do more to realize his goal of a more compassionate and inclusive immigration system.

In another scenario, President Biden expressed confidence in achieving bipartisan cooperation and unity within Congress. Despite these aspirations, achieving consensus on key legislative proposals, such as voting rights and climate change proved challenging. Some perceive these statements as innocent lies intended to convey an image of optimism and bipartisanship, although the reality of partisan divisions remains unchanged.

Additionally, President Biden has made optimistic claims regarding the effectiveness of his proposed gun control measures in curbing gun violence. While there is ongoing debate surrounding the impact of certain policies, critics argue that the projected outcomes may not align with the complexities of the issue. Consequently, these assertions are viewed by some as innocent lies meant to promote the perception of decisive action on a sensitive matter.

Furthermore, President Biden has discussed the potential benefits and economic growth resulting from his proposed infrastructure plans. While infrastructure investments can stimulate the economy, there are varying opinions on the extent of the long-term impact. Critics contend that Biden's optimistic forecasts of job creation and economic growth may exaggerate the actual outcomes, characterizing them as innocent lies to inspire confidence and bolster public support.

In summary, Joe Biden's presidency has faced allegations of innocent lies or misleading statements on certain occasions. These instances often involve embellishments or optimistic forecasts intended to enhance public morale or create a positive atmosphere. However, they are frequently perceived as political spin rather than intentional harm.

Unlike his predecessor, Donald Trump’s presidency was marked by numerous instances of damaging falsehoods or misinformation. Trump often made inaccurate or exaggerated statements on a wide variety of topics, such as his inauguration crowd size, his legislative achievements, and even national security issues. His persistent support of conspiracy theories, such as the birther movement targeting President Obama, revealed his inclination towards damaging lies. These damaging lies had serious repercussions, undermining public confidence in governmental institutions, polarizing society, and diminishing the authority of the presidency.

Furthermore, these damaging lies also had negative impacts on the global reputation and leadership of the United States. Trump’s withdrawal from international agreements, such as the Paris climate accord and the Iran nuclear deal, based on false or misleading reasons, alienated many of the US allies and partners. His erratic and hostile behavior towards other world leaders, such as insulting NATO members or praising authoritarian regimes, also damaged the US credibility and influence in the world.

Additionally, these damaging lies also posed serious threats to public health and safety. Trump’s downplaying of the COVID-19 pandemic, spreading of unproven or harmful treatments, and undermining of scientific experts, contributed to the high death toll and infection rate in the US. His incitement of violence and hatred towards his political opponents, the media, and minority groups, also increased the risk of domestic terrorism and social unrest in the country.

Moreover, these damaging lies also challenged the core values and principles of American democracy. Trump’s refusal to accept the legitimate outcome of the 2020 election, his attempts to pressure state officials and courts to overturn the results, and his encouragement of his supporters to disrupt the certification of the electoral votes, violated the constitutional norms and processes of the US. His disregard for the rule of law, the separation of powers, and the peaceful transfer of power, also endangered the stability and integrity of the democratic system in the country.

Despite it all, Trump has tried to equalize Biden’s minor lies with his, often accusing Biden of lying about his policies, his health, or his family. However, this is a false equivalence, as Trump’s lies are persistent, deliberate, and proven to be immensely harmful.

Harmful lies are those that are used for malicious or selfish motives, such as gaining or keeping power, influencing public opinion, or promoting a certain agenda. These lies often take advantage of fears, biases, or misinformation to achieve political ends. Some examples of harmful lies in politics are creating false stories to smear opponents, making up evidence, or using scare tactics to sway public opinion.


Harmful lies can have serious consequences for society, as they can damage the integrity of elections, divide communities, provoke violence or hatred, and hinder the search for truth and justice. The harm caused by such lies can be lasting, leading to social conflicts, loss of reputation, and deterioration of democratic values.


Don’t let the Trump-Abyss Drag You Down!

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