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  • Denis Pepin

Trump Media’s 2023 Losses: A Troubling Déjà Vu

Updated: May 12

Decline Foretold: The plummeting graph mirrors the anticipated downfall of Trump Media and Technology Group, echoing past failures.
Decline Foretold: The plummeting graph mirrors the anticipated downfall of Trump Media and Technology Group, echoing past failures. (CyberNesco)

Donald Trump's foray into the digital realm through his publicly traded company, Trump Media and Technology Group, and its Truth Social platform, has been met with tumultuous financial challenges. Recent revelations from an auditor have cast a shadow on the company's sustainability, revealing significant losses and funding uncertainties. This article delves into the financial dilemma faced by Trump Media, exploring its financial woes, market reactions, and the implications of Donald Trump's involvement in the company.

Financial Struggles Unveiled:

The disclosure of a staggering $58.2 million loss in 2023 against meager revenues of $4.1 million has raised alarms about Trump Media's financial viability. The independent auditor, BF Borgers CPA PC, issued a cautionary note citing doubts about the company's ability to continue operations, given the substantial operating losses. Trump Media’s stock plunge of 21% on April 1st raises investor concerns.

Navigating Challenges and Uncertainties:

Trump Media's acknowledgment of ongoing losses in the foreseeable future underscores the company's uphill battle in expanding Truth Social's user base and attracting advertisers. With the need for bridge funding ranging from $5 million to $60 million, the company's financial predicament is pronounced. Ending 2023 with a mere $2.6 million in cash and total liabilities surpassing $70.1 million paints a dire financial landscape for Trump Media, prompting questions about its long-term sustainability.

Market Response and Speculations:

Despite Trump's ballooning paper net worth post-public listing, restrictions preventing him from selling his shares for six months have added another layer of complexity to Trump Media's financial saga. Analysts have cautioned that any move by Trump to divest his holdings could trigger a sharp decline in the company's valuation, exacerbating its already precarious financial standing. The auditor's warning serves as a stark reminder of the challenges confronting Trump Media in a competitive market environment marked by volatility and uncertainty.

Echoes of Past Failures:

The Ill-Fated Trump Shuttle:

Trump’s venture into the airline industry with the Trump Shuttle ended in bankruptcy. Operational issues, high costs, and fierce competition led to financial losses. The episode serves as a cautionary tale about understanding market dynamics.

Early Bankruptcies and Financial Struggles:

Donald Trump’s business history is marked by six bankruptcies, revealing a pattern of financial setbacks across various ventures. From the Trump Taj Mahal Casino to the Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City, these failures underscore the volatility of real estate and casino industries. Some attribute these bankruptcies to risky investments and mismanagement.

The Scandal of Trump University:

In 2010, Trump launched Trump University, promising real estate education. However, it quickly became embroiled in lawsuits. Former students alleged fraudulent practices, deceptive marketing, and exorbitant fees. Investigations revealed lack of proper accreditation, tarnishing Trump’s reputation.

The Troubled Trump Foundation:

The Trump Foundation, a charitable organization, faced accusations of misusing funds and legal violations. Trump allegedly used foundation money for personal expenses, including legal settlements and portraits of himself. In 2018, it was dissolved due to a “shocking pattern of illegality.”

Artificially Inflated Real Estate Holdings:

Donald Trump currently faces the repercussions of a judgment related to overinflating property values. Accused of artificially inflating the worth of his real estate holdings, Trump now confronts a financial penalty close to half a billion dollars.


The financial turmoil surrounding Trump Media and Technology Group, epitomized by the challenges faced by Truth Social, echoes a history of business missteps and failures that have punctuated Donald Trump's entrepreneurial journey. As the company grapples with mounting losses, funding uncertainties, and market pressures, the specter of past failures looms large, casting a shadow of doubt over its future prospects. The cautionary tale of Trump Media serves as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance between ambition and financial prudence, underscoring the enduring impact of past missteps on present ventures in the unforgiving arena of media and technology.

Trump’s many failures and disasters show that he is not the master dealmaker he pretends to be, but a master of lies and illusions. He is a failed businessman who has gone bankrupt multiple times. He is a loser who cannot lead. For many, he is known as Don the Con for his ability to trick both the influential and the common people into bailing him out. He has exploited his fame, his connections, and his loyal supporters to avoid the responsibility and the repercussions of his actions. He has manipulated the system for his own gain, leaving behind a trail of broken promises, unpaid debts, and ruined lives.

And, despite being exposed, repeatedly, he persists in trading his worthless assets due to the support of millions of his cult followers.


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