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  • Denis Pepin

Verses Unveiled: A Poetic Critique of Donald Trump

Updated: May 12

A surreal and colorful artwork of a face painted with the American flag, surrounded by a clown, an eagle, and elements of the Statue of Liberty, with people walking below in a grand architectural setting.
A Nation's Turmoil: The Juxtaposition of Iconic Symbols and Chaotic Reality This artwork portrays a nation in turmoil, where the iconic symbols of America are juxtaposed with the chaotic reality of the Trump era. The central element is a face painted with the stars and stripes of the flag, representing the identity and values of the nation. However, the face has hollow eyes and an expressionless mouth, suggesting a loss of vision and voice. To the left of the face, there is a clown-like figure with bulging eyes and an unsettling expression, symbolizing the absurdity and mockery of a possible Trump presidency. To the right of the face, there is an eagle, a symbol of freedom and power, but it appears to be perched and passive, rather than soaring and active. Behind the face, elements of the Statue of Liberty, such as her crown, emerge, signifying the ideals of democracy and liberty. However, they are partially obscured and overshadowed by the painted face, implying that these ideals are threatened and diminished by the Trump cult. The background features an American flag waving amidst clouds in a dramatic sky, creating a contrast between the patriotic and the apocalyptic. Below these elements, there are people walking seemingly unaware or indifferent to the chaos above them; they are dressed in everyday clothing and appear to be in a grand architectural setting with tall columns, indicating the disconnect between the ordinary citizens and the political elites. The artwork is a poetic critique of Donald Trump, who created a nation's turmoil and tarnished its symbols.

In the realm of politics, a figure emerged,

Divisive, controversial, his actions surged.

Donald Trump, a name that sparked debate,

With qualities many considered disreputable and innate.


Narcissistic, he sought praise at every turn,

Authoritarian tendencies causing concern.

His inflammatory rhetoric knew no bounds,

Stirring emotions, fostering divisive grounds.


Dishonesty tainted his every word,

Incompetence apparent, his actions absurd.

Unstable, his behavior left many in doubt,

Egotistical nature, hard to live without.


Racist and sexist remarks stained his reign,

Disrupting progress, causing societal pain.

Arrogant and irresponsible in his approach,

Insensitive to others, he failed to encroach.


Repugnant acts of corruption were exposed,

Recklessly navigating, leaving ethics deposed.

Insincere apologies, if any, were few,

Impulsiveness driving actions anew.


Destructive policies sparked polarizing debates,

Ignorance and manipulation fueling the stakes.

Bullying tactics employed, unpresidential to behold,

Untruthfulness rampant, a scandalous threshold.


Opportunistic and greedy, his motives clear,

Inconsiderate of those who held him dear.

Outspoken yet unqualified for the task,

Inflexibility prevailing, an offensive mask.


Misguided decisions led to chaos untold,

Elitist ideals causing rifts to unfold.

Combative and unethical, a dangerous blend,

Inexperienced in leadership, unable to mend.


Inconsistency marked his every stance,

Unapologetic for actions that left us askance.

Self-serving pursuits drove outrageous claims,

Inappropriateness prevailed, feeding flames.


Biased and deceitful, he twisted the truth,

Intolerance shown towards those he would ruth.

Negligent in his duty to protect and serve,

Supremacist undertones, a continued nerve.


Disgraceful in his treatment, manipulative by design,

Vindictive nature causing pain to intertwine.

Prejudiced remarks spewed without remorse,

Inhumane actions eroding empathy's course.


Antagonistic towards those who differed,

Untrustworthy at best, his character withered.

Unpredictable in actions, xenophobic at heart,

Antisemitic undertones tearing us apart.


Divisive, greedy, combative in stride,

Chauvinistic tendencies he could not hide.

Insecure in his position, ignorance profound,

Uncompassionate, anti-environmental sound.


A leader ineffective, his promises hollow,

Vulgarity his language, decency to swallow.

Bigoted views tainted his every word,

Hypocrisy rampant, principles blurred.


Bombastic in demeanor, despicable in thought,

Impulsivity driving decisions fraught.

Irresponsibility a trademark, detestable at best,

Unfairness prevailing, compassion suppressed.


Dismissive of those who questioned his reign,

A prolific liar, truth he sought to disdain.

Opportunistic nature dictating his path,

Recklessness defining his aftermath.


Inflammatory rhetoric, sympathy lacking,

Exploitative ways, trust forever cracking.

Unreliable and abusive in his approach,

Unprofessional conduct leaving all reproach.


Uninspiring to many, a bully unrestrained,

Islamophobic notions causing unity to wane.

Inflexible to change, demeaning in stride,

Delusional beliefs, unyielding in his pride.


Unrestrained by accountability's rule,

Repulsive actions causing trust to be cruel.

These descriptions, though harsh, paint the scene,

Of a leader unfit, his flaws obscene.


Don’t let the Trump-Abyss Drag You Down!

Trump-Abyss is a blog that reveals the harmful truth of Donald Trump. His actions have undermined democratic principles, provoked unrest, and disseminated false information. He has brought us perilously close to a nuclear conflict, estranged friendly nations, and strengthened adversaries. His conduct has demonstrated a profound disregard for the welfare of society and the principles of justice.

Share the Trump-Abyss blog with your friends, and family, and on social media platforms. The more people are aware of the dangers of a Trump’s presidency, the more they can take action to prevent or mitigate them. Together, we can defend our democracy and our planet from the Trump-Abyss. You have the power to stand up for what is right and fight for a better future. Whether you choose to vote, protest, donate, or educate, you are making a difference in the world.


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