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  • Denis Pepin

Why Cats Are Clearly the Coolest Creatures on Earth

Updated: Mar 31

The dog wonders why the cat gets to wear a crown, while he only gets a collar.

Greetings, fellow cat aficionados and fans of feline finesse! Today, we're going to explore the undeniable truth: cats are better for our beloved planet than those four-legged canine cohorts. Don't worry, dog lovers, we're not here to ruffle your fur – we'll just show you how cats are purr-fectly suited to rule the world (and our hearts).

1. Cats: The Eco-Warriors of the Pet World:

Let's talk about the environment. Our fluffy feline friends are like the vegans of the animal kingdom. They munch on less meat than dogs, which means they're doing their part to shrink that ginormous carbon pawprint. According to a study by those fancy folks at UCLA, your average dog chows down on roughly 164 kilograms of meat per year, along with 95 kilograms of cereal. That's a carbon footprint equivalent to driving a car for a whopping 10,000 kilometers – and they don't even have driver's licenses! In the other corner, our trusty cats consume only about 24 kilograms of meat and 16 kilograms of cereal annually, leaving a carbon footprint that's roughly the equivalent of driving a car for a mere 1,400 kilometers. Way to go, cats! You're like the Elon Musks of the pet world, minus the SpaceX rocketry.

2. Cats: Tiny Living Specialists:

So, you're living in a shoebox-sized apartment in the city? No problemo! Cats are the ultimate urban dwellers. They don't need acres of land to stretch their legs or run around like a deranged tornado. Give them a cozy corner, and they're good to go. And hey, cats even come with their own tidy toilets – those miraculous litter boxes. Dogs, on the other hand, demand sprawling spaces, like football-field-sized backyards, to frolic in. They also produce more waste than a kid in a candy store, which can wreak havoc on our soil and water. By picking a cat over a dog, you're basically becoming a minimalist and an eco-champion in one fell swoop. Marie Kondo would be proud!

3. Cats: Doctors in Fur Disguise:

Cats aren't just cute balls of fluff; they're also tiny therapists in fur suits. They lower your blood pressure, kick stress to the curb, turn frowns upside down, and basically work wonders on your immune system. They're like living, breathing Prozac – without the copay. Oh, and the companionship they offer? Priceless. Dogs can be lovely for your health too, but they occasionally bring along some unpleasant souvenirs like diseases, parasites, and allergens. Not exactly the kind of gifts you want, right? By going the cat way, you're safeguarding your well-being and saying no to surprise medical bills.

So, there you have it, fellow cat enthusiasts! Cats aren't just our purring pals; they're Earth's secret superheroes, quietly saving the day one paw at a time. And to all our dog-loving friends, we promise we're not here to start a pet feud – we're just stating the facts. It's a pawsitively undeniable truth: cats rule, dogs drool (literally). If you're feline the love for your whiskered companions like we are, share this blog with your fellow cat lovers and prove that cats are indeed the true kings and queens of the animal kingdom. If you're on the opposing team, it's okay, you can leave us a comment in facebook – just keep it friendly. Thanks for joining our kitty appreciation session!


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