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  • Denis Pepin

The Golden Calf of Trumpism: A Biblical Warning for Our Times

The Golden Calf: A Symbol of Political Idolatry and Corruption. The image depicts a scene of political crisis and religious apostasy, where a large crowd of people worships a golden bull in front of the United States Capitol building. The bull represents the idolatry and corruption of the political system, while the Capitol building symbolizes the democratic values and institutions that are under threat. The dark clouds and lightning suggest a looming disaster and divine judgment. The image is a powerful critique of the current state of American politics and society.
The Golden Calf of Autocracy: How Idolatry and Fanaticism Threaten Democracy. This image depicts a scene of political and religious extremism, where a crowd of people worships a golden calf in front of the United States Capitol building. The image symbolizes the danger of authoritarianism and the erosion of democratic values and institutions. The golden calf represents the false idols and ideologies that some people follow blindly, without regard for the common good or the rule of law. The Capitol building, surrounded by dark clouds and lightning, signifies the fragility and vulnerability of democracy in the face of tyranny and violence. The image warns us of the consequences of losing our moral compass and our civic responsibility. It also challenges us to question our own beliefs and actions, and to uphold the principles and practices of democracy.

The Golden Calf emerges from the annals of history as a potent symbol woven into the fabric of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions. More than a historical footnote, it stands as a stark warning against the dangers of idol worship and the seduction of false deities. This emblem of the Israelites’ betrayal encapsulates the enduring human tendency to abandon genuine spiritual devotion in favor of tangible temptations and persuasive figures. Our examination delves into the roots, meaning, and ongoing significance of the Golden Calf, drawing connections to today’s political scene, with a nod to the influence of figures like Donald Trump.

The Origin of the Golden Calf


The story of the Golden Calf originates from the Book of Exodus in the Hebrew Bible, also known as the Old Testament. As Moses received divine commandments on Mount Sinai, the Israelites, overwhelmed by impatience and doubt, yearned for a physical manifestation of a deity. They turned to Aaron, Moses’ brother and temporary guide, with their request for a god they could worship. Offering up their gold earrings, they created a golden calf. By venerating this idol, they discarded their devotion to the singular God who had freed them from enslavement in Egypt.

This transgression of idol worship provoked God’s fury, resulting in dire consequences for the Israelites. Although Moses pleaded for mercy, it was only after he had dramatically broken the tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments and obliterated the Golden Calf. The divine retribution was swift and harsh, culminating in the death of thousands as a penalty for their betrayal. The tale of the Golden Calf is also recounted in the Qur’an, where it is denounced as a heinous offense meriting everlasting punishment.

The Symbolism of the Golden Calf


The Golden Calf transcends its literal narrative to represent the enduring challenges of human nature. It serves as an allegory laden with themes of authority, avarice, and the decline of ethical values. Gold, in this context, becomes a symbol of affluence and luxury, whereas the calf represents fecundity and vigor. This surrender to worldly lures highlights the fleeting essence of human yearnings and the dangers of forsaking eternal spiritual verities for momentary materialistic pleasures.


The narrative of the Golden Calf also acts as a stark warning against authoritarian tendencies and the decline of independent thought. It illustrates the dangers of the Israelites’ unquestioning compliance with Aaron and their rejection of Moses’ leadership, underscoring the risks inherent in following charismatic but ethically compromised figures. Such forfeiture of self-governance and judgment reveals how societies can become susceptible to control and misuse by those who pursue power with malevolent intentions.


The Comparison to Donald Trump


In the landscape of contemporary politics, Donald Trump stands out as a divisive character, likened to the Golden Calf of biblical lore. His rise to prominence, marked by a showy demeanor and crowd-pleasing speeches, echoes the enticing charm of the Golden Calf. Trump, akin to this ancient symbol, represents a deceptive deity, idolized by followers who exalt the principles of vanity and excessive pride.


The comparison between Trump and the Golden Calf highlights the perils of unquestioning loyalty and the erosion of democratic values. Trump’s penchant for lavishness, marked by his love for golden embellishments and luxurious living, conjures images similar to the enticement of the Golden Calf. The intense loyalty he commands forged through his grandiose rhetoric and populist overtures, reflects the passionate worship once directed at the scriptural figure.


In this ongoing Trump era, the erosion of democratic norms and the rise of authoritarian tendencies continue, reflecting the warnings of the Golden Calf narrative. Trump’s polarizing speech and indifference to institutional checks and balances are causing widespread discord and unrest. The January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol stands as a pivotal moment in contemporary history, and the persistent legal challenges faced by Trump highlight the dangers of exalting leaders who lack ethical integrity and moral principles.



The perception of Donald Trump as a modern-day Golden Calf reflects the deep divisions within our society. While he is a symbol of misplaced adoration, his supporters fervently disagree, heralding him as a representative of their ideals and ambitions. The resulting polarization, which has been a hallmark of Trump’s era, serves to highlight the enduring relevance of the Golden Calf narrative in exploring the nuances of power and political fidelity.

A Call to Reflection

To Trump’s followers, I offer this cautionary reflection: Beware the allure of the Golden Calf. Question the narratives that promise salvation through a single figure. Remember that power, unchecked and unexamined, can lead us astray. As we navigate the currents of political fidelity, let us seek nuance, dialogue, and a commitment to truth. For in the shadow of the modern-day idol, the enduring relevance of the Golden Calf narrative beckons us to choose wisely.



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