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  • Denis Pepin

Understanding the Essence of Donald Trump

Updated: May 12

Donald Trump in a lavishly decorated bathroom, holding a sign, imploring for financial contributions while subtly blaming his current situation on Biden. The extravagant golden toilet and bidet in the background add an ironic touch to the plea.
In a lavishly decorated bathroom, Donald Trump clutches a sign, urging for financial contributions while subtly attributing his predicament to Biden. The opulent golden toilet, which apparently he possesses, adds an ironic twist to the plea. (CyberNesco)

Donald Trump rose to the peak of the scam world thanks to two factors: a huge inheritance from his father and an extraordinary skill for deception. The money gave him a launchpad, allowing him to create a persona of authority and charisma. His devious character drove him to seek personal profit at any cost, eventually landing him in the highest position of power as the U.S. President.

The Art of the Deal, a 1987 book that Trump claimed to co-write with ghostwriter Tony Schwartz, was a key factor in his rise. It was a hit and helped increase Trump’s popularity and wealth. However, Schwartz later confessed that he was the main author of the book and that Trump fabricated his accomplishments and finances. He also labeled Trump a “sociopath” and a “con artist”.

Trump’s numerous blunders and catastrophes reveal that he is not the brilliant negotiator he claims to be, but a master of lies and illusions. He is a failed businessman who has filed for bankruptcy six times. He is a loser who cannot govern. For many, he is known as Don the Con for his ability to fool both the powerful and the ordinary people into rescuing him. He has used his fame, his connections, and his faithful supporters to dodge the accountability and the consequences of his actions. He has twisted the system for his own benefit, leaving behind a path of shattered promises, unpaid bills, and destroyed lives. And now he is prepared to do the same to the entire US and the world.

Those who support Donald Trump should realize that he is not being persecuted by Biden or the Democrats. He has always played the role of a martyr and complained about injustice whenever his dishonesty was exposed. He is a cheat, a crook, a habitual liar who has never done an honest deal in his life, only ones where he robs the other party by taking their money and forcing them to renegotiate a contract and pay him more to get their money back. He dupes judges, accountants, financiers, contractors, lawmakers, followers, friends, media, and the public.

But how did he manage to pull off such a colossal fraud? How did he convince millions of Americans to vote for him, despite his obvious flaws and scandals? How did he escape the scrutiny of the law and the press, despite his numerous crimes and lawsuits? How did he manipulate the emotions and beliefs of his loyal base, despite his blatant lies and contradictions?

The answer lies in his mastery of psychological techniques that exploit the weaknesses and biases of human nature. Trump is not a genius, but he is a cunning manipulator who knows how to use the power of persuasion, influence, and propaganda to his advantage. He employs a variety of tactics that appeal to the emotions, fears, and desires of his target audience while undermining the rationality, credibility, and morality of his opponents. He creates a false reality that suits his agenda, and he repeats it until it becomes accepted as the truth.

Some of the techniques that Trump uses are:

  • Projection: Trump accuses his enemies of the very things that he is guilty of, such as corruption, fraud, treason, and violence. This way, he deflects attention from his own faults and misdeeds, and he makes his adversaries look bad and dishonest. For example, he called Hillary Clinton “crooked” and claimed that she deleted 33,000 emails, while he himself has refused to release his tax returns and has used a private server for his communications. He also claimed that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen from him, while he himself tried to undermine the integrity of the voting process and the results.

  • Gaslighting: Trump denies or distorts the facts and the evidence that contradict his claims, and he makes his followers doubt their own perception and memory. He also blames his critics for being delusional, crazy, or biased. This way, he creates confusion and uncertainty among his opponents and his supporters, and he makes them question their own sanity and reality. For example, he denied the severity and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and he dismissed the scientific and medical experts who warned about the dangers of the virus. He also denied the existence and the effects of climate change, and he withdrew the US from the Paris Agreement.

  • Name-calling: Trump uses derogatory and insulting labels to mock and demean his rivals and his enemies, and he makes them look inferior and unworthy. He also uses catchy and flattering nicknames to praise and promote his allies and his friends, and he makes them look superior and admirable. This way, he creates a contrast and a division between his in-group and his out-group, and he appeals to the emotions and the prejudices of his followers. For example, he called Joe Biden “Sleepy Joe” and Kamala Harris “Nasty Woman”, while he called Kim Jong-un “Rocket Man” and Vladimir Putin “a great leader”.

  • Repetition: Trump repeats his slogans, his catchphrases, and his lies over and over again until they become familiar and memorable to his audience. He also uses simple and direct language that is easy to understand and to remember. This way, he creates a sense of familiarity and trust among his supporters, and he makes them believe that he is telling the truth and that he knows what he is talking about. For example, he used the phrases “Make America Great Again”, “Build the Wall”, and “Drain the Swamp” to convey his vision and his goals for the country.

  • Fear-mongering: Trump exaggerates the threats and the dangers that the US and the world are facing, and he portrays himself as the only one who can protect and save the people from them. He also scapegoats and demonizes certain groups and individuals who he claims are responsible for the problems and crises that the country is experiencing. This way, he creates a sense of urgency and anxiety among his followers, and he makes them dependent on him and his solutions. For example, he warned about the invasion of immigrants and refugees, and he proposed to ban Muslims from entering the country. He also blamed China for the spread of the coronavirus, and he threatened to start a trade war with them.

These are just some of the methods that Trump uses to manipulate the masses and to maintain his power and influence. He is not a leader, but a con artist who has deceived and betrayed the American people and the world. He is not a patriot, but a traitor who has endangered and damaged the democracy and the security of the nation and the planet. He is not a hero, but a villain who has caused and contributed to the suffering and the death of millions of people.

Understanding the essence of Donald Trump is crucial for exposing and resisting his lies and his schemes. It is also vital for preventing and healing the wounds and the divisions that he has inflicted and exploited. The truth is the antidote to his poison, and the hope is the cure to his despair. The people are the power that can overcome his tyranny, and justice is the price that he must pay for his crimes.


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